Club Lacrosse

Parents and Players,

I hope that your summer is going well and that you are getting to relax and spend time with each other. I know that some of you are finishing up the club season and looking forward to the offseason.

As a program we expect our players to “keep a stick in their hands” all year round. In order to continue to contend for state titles and to grow as a program we need to have lacrosse players with higher Lacrosse IQs, better stick skills, as well as the ability to train (strength, agility, speed) outside of the season. If our players do not put in the work out of season, we will be behind the most competitive teams in our area and Ohio.

Saying this, I know that many of our players play multiple sports and that is the best thing you can do. If you are thinking about playing another sport or are on the fence, play. There is no substitute for competition and teamwork, and one of the things that college coaches look for are players who play multiple sports. When you are in season for another sport that should be the priority but many of you have asked about lacrosse year round and I am going to share some information on opportunities to play.

Club lacrosse is a hot topic for some. In my opinion, it is expensive but it does provide the best way for players to maintain and improve their level of play. Even though the main club season is summer, they do provide players with year round training and opportunities to play field and box lacrosse (so important for ALL our players skills) at a high level.

Club programs offer players more training hours to perfect their skills and grow their game; access to professional, experienced coaches who have proven themselves both as students and teachers of the game. These programs also provides thorough recruiting guidance to help players whose goal it is to compete at the next level find the school and program that best fits their academic and athletic needs. Players will meet and befriend kids from other school districts across the state, and will experience high level of play against the best of the best in tournaments all across the Midwest and East Coast.

I highly recommend that any player that wishes to play in college or wants to be their best tryout for one of the club teams below. Tryouts are usually in the late summer, early fall for club teams playing the following summer.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Michael Long